Monday, February 19, 2007

Preparations - Part 3

We have had a Lenten Wreath on our dining room table during Lent for many years now for decoration. Having never heard of the "salt dough" version, ours is just a grapevine wreath with toothpicks that were dyed using black RIT dye. No special directions, just soak them in the dye for a few hours, drain them and let them dry on paper towels over night.This year we have added a pillar candle (it has purple flecks in it) set in sand to remind us of the penitential nature of the season and also of the desert but mostly because the kids are really into candles!

I plan to have them remove one each at snack time since that is primarily when they will be fasting from treats as an act of penance. I decided not to have them add one for any venial indiscretions. I find that I tend to focus on what they do wrong enough as it is. Trying to be more positive and acknowledge the good here!

The list of chores will be posted in several places around the house and the kids have already chosen what their first chore will be on Wednesday to earn money for the poor. (BTW we chose this route because our kids don't get allowances. If they ever were to get an allowance, I might just ask them to donate a portion of that instead.)
Here is a picture of our poor box. Shortcake chose to donate her piggy bank. It is perfectly purple, as you can see!

Oh, and if your kids are really into candles too, check out Michelle's comment below about how to do a Candlelit Stations of the Cross.


  1. Beautiful, Matilda! Your family is truly blessed.

  2. The crown and candle centerpiece is quite striking! What a great Lenten reminder.

  3. Hi, Matilda!

    I love the 'earn extra money' idea. Our kids do get an allowance, but it's a small one and we don't ask them to donate their own money. However, our oldest decided on her own after Mom bought Christmas cards from Food for the Poor this year that she wanted to give, too. She organized the other two girls, and they've put spare change, extra coins they've earned, etc. into an envelope. They just told me that they've already saved a little over $5, and that's just since Christmas! I may make an 'extra chore list' for Lent, too, and let them earn a little more for the poor. Thanks for the idea!


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