Sunday, January 21, 2007

Agnes sweet, and Agnes fair,...

Thanks to Dawn's inspiration, I finished establishing and organizing my craft closet this weekend which was a big task (like a treasure hunt through every drawer and closet in the house) but well worth it. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had all of the supplies to do this craft with the girls. St. Agnes has been one of their favorites for a long time. The traditional celebration on the Feast of St. Agnes (which you can read more about here) involves two little lambs who are crowned and carried in decorated baskets--- red for her martydom and white for her purity. They are given to the Holy Father who blesses them. The nuns of St. Cecilia care for them until they are sheared on Maundy Thursday. The wool is used to make about 12 pallia each year. The pallium is representative of the priests' role as shepherd just as Christ was the Good Shepherd. These are the little lambs we made:

Here they are again with the little lambs God made:


  1. What adorable little lambs (yes, the yarn ones too!) My oldest would like to learn how to make them. (Last time we tried a craft like this, we ended up with...a pile of string.) As usual, I'm apologizing to her for not being a 'crafty mom,' but she says she likes me anyway. :)

    Maybe you can show us the directions when we get together?

  2. Absolutely! Made them in about 15 minutes. Super easy.


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