Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Prayers for comfort...

I just heard from my father that the bodies of both my cousin Philip and his son, Brandon, have been recovered from the Brazos River. He is on his way to be with his sister and brother-in-law, Philip's parents, during their time of grief. Continued prayers for the support of the family would be most appreciated. Thank you.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

All books, half priced!


Today is my birthday and I'd love to see more of these books find a good home. So until Friday, June 26th, all of the books are half priced! I will be in and out today but I will still try to communicate quickly. I appreciate the fast communication I've received from everyone so far.

All prices listed are the regular price, so just divide that price by two to get the sale price.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Used Book Sale Blog Hop

UPDATED FOR JUNE 24TH… today is my birthday and I'd love to see more of these books find a good home. So until Friday, June 26th, all of the books are half priced! I will be in and out today but I will still try to communicate quickly. I appreciate the fast communication I've received from everyone so far.

All prices listed are the regular price, so just divide that price by two to get the sale price.

Please send me an email to request a book (you can find my email button over there on the right)  but please only request what you intend to purchase and are able to submit payment for withing a timely manner, preferably within 24 hours, unless you make other arrangements with me privately. Once you request a book, I will contact you with payment information as soon as I can but absolutely within 24 hours. If I do not hear from you after 24 hours I will re-list the books you requested as available to everyone again. I will update this post with pending statuses and sold statuses as soon as possible. Be sure to check out the freebies at the end!

Shipping will be a flat rate of $4.00 for 1-2 items (if they will fit in a padded envelope) and $7.00 for a box of any size, to help cover the cost of packaging and media rate postage in the United States.

Paypal is the easiest form of payment for me but I would consider other forms provided you communicate with me quickly and easily.

Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures. I took these late last night. Artificial light… ugh.

~ Catholic Books ~
Praying the Presence of Our Lord for Children (2 copies, both very good) $3 each SOLD
Prayers to the Saints (very good) $4 SOLD

My Bedtime Book of the Saints (good) $3 SOLD
Saint Kateri Tekakwitha (good) $3
Miniature Stories of the Saints: Book One (good) $2
Miniature Stories of the Saints: Book Two (good) $2
Miniature Stories of the Saints: Book Four (good) $2
From Genesis to Revelation: Seven Scriptural Rosaries (good) $4 SOLD
Angel Food for Boys & Girls: Volume 1 (very good) $10 SOLD
The Essential Wisdom of the Saints 

Evening Prayerbook: Sunday Vespers (3 copies, all in good used condition) $7 each
Night Prayerbook: Compline (good) $ 15
Pearls of Peace (like new) $5
Behold, He Comes (like new) $4
Bilbo's Journey (good) $4 SOLD
A Little Way of Homeschooling (very good) $7 SOLD

Ignatius Catholic Study Bible New Testament 2nd Catholic Edition RSV (like new) $15 SOLD
Sermons of the Cure of Ars (very good, hardback) $24 SOLD

 A Child's Book of Prayer in Art (very good) $4 SOLD
The Glorious Coming: A Jesse Tree Advent Celebration (very good, OOP, includes mediations and pictures to use as ornaments in tact) $20

Heroes of Grace (like new) $10 SOLD
Living in Bible Times (very good) $7 SOLD
Who's Who in Heaven (like new) $8 SOLD

~ Homeschool Books ~
Saxon Math Homeschool 7/6 (cover is worn but the inside is clean) $20 SOLD
(This book actually has a name printed in black marker on the cover in the top right corner. I erased it digitally to maintain privacy.)

The Battle Planner (like new, completely unused) $7 SOLD
Sneaky Fitness (like new) $4 SOLD

Focus on Elementary Chemistry: Student Text, Lab Wkbk, Teacher's Manual (all like new, unused) $40 for all three together SOLD

~ Picture Books ~

Usborne Discovery: Dinosaurs (very good) $5
Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? (like new) large size $6 or smaller size $4
Gardening with Mommy (very good) $4

Today Someone I Loved Passed Away (like new) $4
Is Your Mama a Llama? (used, clean, paperback) $4
The Weight of a Mass: A Tale of Faith (like new, softcover) $5 SOLD

I is for Idea (very good, paperback) $5
Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain (good, paperback) $4
Corgiville Christmas (hardcover, very good) $10 PENDING

~ Chapter Books ~
A Philadelphia Catholic in King James's Court (like new) $4
Out of the Silent Planet (very good) $5 SOLD
Journey to the Center of the Earth (very good) $4
Killer Angels (like new) $4

Brotherband: Scorpion Mountain (brand new, never been read) $12 SOLD
Black as Night (good) $8
The Shadow of the Bear (good) $8

A Little Princess (very good) $4 SOLD
The Secret Garden (very good) $4 SOLD

Oliva book bundle: (very good) $12 SOLD

~ Non Fiction Books ~
It's All Too Much (very good, hardcover, no dust jacket) $5

I Will Carry You (very good) $4
Upbringing (like new) $3 PENDING
Mitten Strings for God (like new) $4 SOLD

Something Other Than God (like new, read once) $10 SOLD
One Thousand Gifts (like new, read once) $5 SOLD

 ~ Cook Books ~
POPS! Sweets on a Stick! (very good) $4
I'm Just Here for More Food (like new) $10
Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day (like new) $5 SOLD

Saving Dinner the Low-Carb Way (very good) $4 SOLD
Cupcakes from the Cake Doctor (good) $4 SOLD
Building the Family Cookbook (very good) $7
Twelve Months of Monastery Soups (very good) $5 SOLD

These books are a little too worn to be considered good shape, but still very useable. Feel free to request one or two with a purchase of $10 or more. Thanks!
Kitchen Aid cookbook
Always Time For Pie recipe book
Garment of Grace
Treasury of Prayers
Introduction to the Devout Life
Night Prayers
The Holy Rosary and St. Padre Pio

Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Redwall Birthday

{This post includes affiliate links, but you probably already knew that…}

So, the day after Sunshine celebrated her Sweet Sixteen, we celebrated BigBoy's 11th birthday... Redwall style! Last summer, when he participated in our library's Summer Reading Program and read for enough hours to get to take a ride on a fire truck, most of those 100+ hours were spent reading all of the 22 books in the Redwall series. Yeah. He kind of likes it, I think.

~ Decorations ~
BigBoy has collected stuffed animals for years. He loves especially unusual animals like ferrets and otters, not just teddy bears. He even has a stuffed meerkat that he adores. We took some of his stuffed animals and dressed them up like characters from the book using rope belts, sword charms from the jewelry section of Hobby Lobby and some sword-shaped letter openers we found. Most of the fabric, I had in my scrap box. I did purchase some red for the badger's tunic. He was thrilled with them and hasn't removed their costumes yet.
“Defend the weak, protect both young and old, never desert your friends. Give justice to all, be fearless in battle and always ready to defend the right."
—The law of Badger Lords

Felldoh with his javelin sitting next to Cornflower (who ended up being Cupcake's favorite, of course.)

We decorated our breakfast table with a red tablecloth, the characters, a map of Redwall, some favorite quotes and a scone breakfast that Abbot Mortimer would surely approve of.

I made a banner using a medieval looking font called Prince Valiant and some artistic representations of Redwall characters for spacing. Lord Brocktree is one of his favorite characters so he had to be included.

The cards they make for each other are always opened first thing and enjoyed immensely.

Knowledge is a thing that one cannot have enough of. It is the fruit of wisdom, to be eaten carefully and digested fully, unlike that lunch you are bolting down, little friend.
~ The Feast ~
For dinner, we prepared a Redwall type feast and tried to incorporate some actual dishes mentioned in the books but had to settle for dishes that sounded like they could be in the books.
Strawberry cordial… ginger ale, Cran-Apple juice and lime. No strawberry at all, but it is red!

“Dairy produce?”“Oh that, I’ve got a cheddar cheese that four badgers couldn’t roll, plus ten other varieties.”

 By my count, that makes 11 cheeses for this 11 year old's birthday. So we set out a tasting tray with 11 cheeses on it. 

 Just a Shepherd's Pie but we made it work. 

"I am that is, my sword shall wield for me."
~ a gift ~ 

I don't usually post about the gifts we give our children here, but this is one I think others might really like to know about. It's a Hero's Edge Latex Rubber Foam Battle Sword that is rated as suitable for LARPing (live action role playing). This thing is heavier duty than something like a Nerf Sword and really well crafted but still soft enough that two big boys can use it for pretend sword fighting (like my two big boys still enjoy doing). 
"Who knows, my friend? Maybe the sword does have some magic. Personally, I think it's the warrior who wields it."
Afterwards, Miss Cupcake announced it was time for cake… she takes her job as official party horn blower at all festive events very seriously.

~ The Cake ~
Oh my goodness, this cake. I had such plans for this cake. I wanted to make a castle and decorate it with little cardboard characters. Maybe some frosting grass and frosting flowers and a little path leading from the front gate. But this boy child of mine had specific requests. Yes to the castle cake pan. OK on the little figures. But he desperately wanted my caramel frosting on his cake. This caramel frosting is a cooked frosting that you basically pour over a cake and let it firm up.Think ganache but brown sugar flavored. You can see it on the cake in this post. There is no way to decorate with it. You can sometimes smooth it out or shape slightly it once it's cooled and firmed up, but even that runs the risk of making it look grainy instead of smooth like it's supposed to. I checked and double checked the whole day through… "So, you still want that caramel frosting?" 
"Look how awesome the castle looks! Are you sure you want that caramel frosting? It's just going to cover it up."  

And then even right before I dumped it on the cake…
"I'm just going to dump it on now, okay? That's what you want, right?"

Yes, yes and yes! This big guy knows what he likes.  He still let me use some of my little figures. 

Happy Birthday, BigBoy! 
You will always be our most brave, most kind, most amazing Loverlove.