Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yarn Along :: End of March

Ginny's Yarn Along is the perfect opportunity to show you a new crochet stitch I learned that I am absolutely in love with!!! 
 It's called a Solomon's Knot, also a Lover's Knot. Isn't it so pretty and lacey looking? 
I learned it by watching this video on YouTube. The yarn is Caron's Country in Spruce. It was on clearance at Michaels and such a pretty color I couldn't pass it up. Sadly, after I took this picture, I realized I had made my shrug way too long and ended up frogging the whole thing! That's OK. I am enjoying this stitch so much, I don't mind starting over and it works up really quickly once you get going.

Reading wise... I'm not reading much because I can't seem to keep my eyes open long enough to make it through a page. No matter when I sit down to read, I start to get drowsy and want to take a nap. We are listening to the Truth and Life Audio Bible this Lent and that will have to count for now.

Speaking of yarn and great books...don't forget that today is the last day to enter Jenn's raffle!


  1. Beautiful! Love the color. When you are done, and before you sew up the arm holes, do you do a row of chain stitching so that it matches the bottom? Or does it work without that?

    My 13yo wants a cardigan out of a similar stitch. Let's see if I can figure that out!

  2. Amy,
    According to the video, you don't but I might try to see if I can do a row of sc so that it matches. I think it would just be a matter of counting the number of Solomon's knots and dividing to figure out how many single crochets to fit in each one to give you the same number that you started with. I think I started with 120 chains to make it a little longer than the video's 86.

  3. That is a beautiful stitch and lovely, lovely color!!! I'm going to check out that video...

  4. Amy,
    I just finished the shrug. What I ended up doing was chaining 4 in between each set of 2 Solomon's knots and then a sc in the joining spot. Turn and sc in each stitch across. Finish. That makes it look similar to the foundation rows at the top of the shrug. I think it helps balance it and even makes it easier to sew the arm holes. I'll try to post a picture later.

  5. Wow ... that stitch could get me crocheting again. I think it is gorgeous. It looks like macrame, doesn't it?

    What is the yarn?

  6. Mary G.,
    It's called Country by Naturally Caron and the color is Spruce. I found it at our local Michaels.

  7. This is beautiful! I can't wait to try it. I watched the videos and have my own stash of yarn upstairs just waiting for a good project. How many skeins did your shrug take?

  8. Nikki,
    The one I made for myself took about 1 1/2 of the Country yarn which is sold in 3 oz. skeins. I'm making one for my girls and I think that should only take one.

  9. I love that stitch, and the color is beautiful.:) I'm really enjoying crocheting. It's so much faster to finish a project than knitting.:) Enjoy your shrug!

  10. Pulled this up and my Sally was sitting on the couch behind me, saw your project, and was amazed how how beautiful it was. It is beautiful!

  11. Wow! That really is a beautiful stitch. And in that color! I know what you mean about frogging the project and starting over. Not too long ago I was just sick to have to unravel something. Now it just means more knitting (yes I knit, not crochet)and that's never a bad thing!

  12. Wow that's beautiful! Love the stitch and the color. I know too well that sleepy can't read tiredness when you're pregnant. Take care of yourself.

  13. Oooooo! SO pretty! We need to try this!

  14. Wow! I was planning on doing a shawl-thing for myself in just this color yarn (I purchased at a thrift shop today), and um, that is gorgeous. Do you have the pattern for the shrug as well?

    1. Christie,
      I kind of used this as a guide. Basically just crocheting a giant rectangle and then sewing up a little to create side seams.


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