Friday, April 1, 2011

Fools for April

Oh yeah, we love April Fools' Day! The Professor replaced the box of crackers with pretzels on the inside. Sunshine switched the clothes in Shortcake's dresser and Shortcake swapped the school books in the bins so that everyone had someone else's subjects to do!

There are rules. You can't try to trick everyone. Pick one prank and have fun with it. And don't dish it out if you can't take it! It can't be something that destroys anything. It can't make a huge mess (any messes have to be cleaned up by the prankster anyway) and it shouldn't be anything gross or embarrassing.

They know that Husband and I like to play pranks on them too. In years past we've fed them "sushi" and grilled cheese made from toasted pound cake and frosting. This year, BigBoy helped me fool the big kids with some wormy apples. The trick was to only have it poking out a little bit.

When Sunshine picked her's up and showed it to me, I very slowly pulled the worm out for them all to see. The "ewwwwwwwws" of disgust were just hysterical! They caught on quickly when they saw us laughing.

These kids don't know that there is one other joke left in store... "fish sticks" for dinner! It is Friday, you know!
Sugar wafer cookies coated in peanut butter and rolled in crushed Cinnamon Special K
served with a side of pureed strawberry jam

How about you? Any fools in your family today?


  1. Hahaha I love your post Charlotte!!!!! :P

  2. LOL! These are great! I always hated April Fools day but I love the idea of fun, harmless pranks like these! (Hmmm...still have a few hours before I have to leave for work; maybe I can still come up with something!) You're such a great mom. I'm totally re-reading this post next year! :)

  3. Oh my goodness- you are such fun parents!!! I never even thought to pull some pranks on the KIDS. Hmmm... I wonder if I can pull anything off before bedtime...

    What fun! Happy April!

  4. I got two today - the ol' rubber band round the faucet sprayer and, while I was dreamily sipping an adult beverage on the patio with Mr. S, I noticed that there was a FLY in my ice cube. Well played.

    I am letting them live in fear until bedtime...

  5. Two of the main copiers at work had signs on them that said they now accepted voice commands.


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