About Me

When I first started blogging (back when dinosaurs roamed the internet) it was fresh and somewhat new and a little scary. I chose to use a pseudonym to write under. A name I could claim as mine although not my real name. For a while now, I've felt silly that the name of this blog still reflects that choice even though I freely call myself by my real name, Charlotte. I've been thinking recently about just who Waltzing Matilda is. A long time ago I wrote:
Matilda was my grandmother's middle name and my daughter is her namesake. I have always loved her name! Matilda was a name with spunk and character. Mind you, I like my real name just fine. It is unique in it's own way, I think. Kind of like "Salutations!" instead of just "Hello!".
That last line was my little way of trying to be clever. Anyone familiar with that wise and true arachnid who's name I share might recognize her fancy way of saying "Hello!". 

So, who was Waltzing Matilda? In short, she was my dear grandmother who hated the name I loved enough to give to one of my daughters. 

And who is Waltzing Matilda now? I guess she's me. A Catholic mom from Texas (not Australia) who prefers to teach her kids to love learning right here at home; who also loves to bake and craft and read and watch movies and take lots of pictures of the beautiful things she sees around her. Sometimes she draws pictures and sometimes she reviews books. As a sweet niece put it recently, she likes to waltz from subject to subject, blogging about whatever is on her mind, in her oven or on her craft table.

Most of all, she believes that it's possible, in the midst of a homeschooling family of 5 ranging from ginormous teenager to tiny toddler, to create beauty. You just have to see it first.

Oh, were you just looking for a quick blurb about who we are?

Well, here you go!

Charlotte ~ me.
Sean (Husband) ~ my perfect fit!
The Professor ~ 16 years old with an interest in anything he can find in a book.
Sunshine ~ 14 year old knitter extraordinaire!
Rain {aka…Shortcake} ~ 13 year old artiste extraordinaire with a heart twice as big as she is.
Baby Felicity ~ born into Heaven March of 2003
Bigboy ~ he's 9 and hopes to be taller than his brother someday!
Baby Izzy ~ born into Heaven April  of 2010
Cupcake ~ She's 2, starts her day saying "Nononononono!" and NEEDS to do everything