Thursday, October 14, 2010

Games for All Saints

Susan asked about other ideas in the combox below.  I took these pictures at our party last year, but never posted them so I thought it might be a good idea to share them now. I've posted about them before, but for those of you new to this blog, here they are again.

These are a couple of games that were inspired by others but have become staples at our All Saints Eve party. In fact, when I was asking the children about ideas for new games this year, they looked at me like I was a little crazy. Then again, they do that a lot. So, here are our favorite All Saints Games, thus far...

I made these "perfume jars" a few years ago with some empty salt and pepper shakers, tissue paper and glue. I place cotton balls on the inside with drops of extract. There will be two of each flavor of extract and to make it easy on myself, I write on the bottoms what extract is inside. The idea is for the children to sniff the "perfume" and match the scents. This can even be a self checking game for older kids who can see how they did by looking on the bottom. For younger kids, just have them match up two of the same if matching all of them seems too challenging. Does this make scents? (Tee hee hee!)

 This game involves an old Nerf basketball hoop, sans net, and a few fake roses. I used three red and three white, for no particular reason at all and wrapped the stems of the silk roses with ribbon to make them pretty. You can't see them in this picture because the roses are all in that blue vase. Anyway, The hoop is very lightweight. We usually hang it using a ribbon to that we can raise and lower it for big kids and little kids.  It's pretty self explanatory.

 St. Anthony's Lost and Found is another self explanatory game. This is a box filled with packing peanuts and an assortment of medals and crucifixes inside. The children stick in their hands and try to find a lost item. I recommend having a parent "stir the pot" so to speak otherwise, the medals will eventually all make their way to the bottom.

A new game that the girl cousins came up with last year was called "Posing for Holy Cards". It was basically a game of Freeze Dance. Find the funkiest music you can and dance around like crazy but when the music stops, freeze! I don't have any pictures of that game, but you get the idea. If you are looking for more ideas, check out Jessica's round-up at Shower of Roses especially the post titled Saintly Games and Lacy's collection of other's ideas at Catholic Icing.


  1. Wow.Thanks so much. What creative ideas! Now I am going to explore the links.... : ) I appreciate your quick response. God bless.

  2. Wow! Those are really great ideas.

    BTW, my mom and dad have an old typewriter like the one in the background of the St. Anthony game/photo.

  3. What great ideas!!!! Absolutely love them!

  4. These are great Charlotte!

  5. very imaginative!!!

  6. Thank you, these are really cool ideas!


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