Friday, August 5, 2016

6th Annual Book Sale

Jessica is hosting her annual curriculum sale! I'll be linking up with her as soon as her link-up goes live, but I thought I'd go ahead and post this now for the early birds to peruse!

If you are interested in purchasing any item below, please leave a comment on this post with your email included (it's not displayed publicly) and I will send you a private email with your total, including shipping (US shipping only), along with my Paypal address. First come, first serve basis!

 Payment should be arranged within 24 hours unless you discuss it with me first. Items that are not paid for within 24 hours (unless agreed on beforehand) will go to the next person interested. I will update the post throughout the day with either "pending" when an item has been claimed or "sold" once payment is complete. Please communicate swiftly and promptly!

PAYMENT: I will accept payment via Paypal or Amazon e-gift cards for those who don't want to use Paypal. I use a different email address than the one associated with this blog for Paypal, so please email me first before sending payment! Any other method of payment will need to be discussed first.

SHIPPING: For the sake of simplicity, there will be a flat rate charge to cover shipping to the continental US and packaging fees. I will add $5 for shipping any orders of 1-3 items. Orders of 4 items or more will be charged $7 for shipping. All books and DVD's will be sent via Media Mail. **Games will be shipped separately and sent First Class mail since they violate the rules of Media Mail and will be charged a $10 shipping charge.

Night Prayerbook Compline (very good, slight price tag remainder next to word "Compline" on cover)     $8 SOLD
Evening Prayerbook Sunday Vespers (very good, 3 copies available)     $10 each or $25 for all three SOLD
Mary Holds My Hand (like new)     $8 SOLD
St. George and the Dragon (like new)     $7 SOLD

The People's Princess: A St. Katherine Drexel Story (like new)     $8 SOLD

The Lark on the Wing (like new, out of print),   $10
The Lark in the Morn (like new),   $10
Sun Slower Sun Faster (like new, out of print),   $8

Summerkin, Winterling, & Moonkind by Sarah Prineas (all like new, hardcover)    $12 each or $30 for the set of three SOLD

Black Beauty (like new)   $9
Emily of New Moon (like new)   $5
The Perilous Gard (like new)   $5

Christmas Cookies, (like new with dustcover)   $8
First Prayers, (like new with dustcover)   $4
 Penguins (good, minor wear on cover)     $1
Agent P's Top Secret Joke Book (good, minor wear on cover) $1
Spies of the Revolution (aged pages, tight binding)     $1 SOLD

Flat Stanley Worldwide Adventure Books 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 & 9 (various states, mostly very good, #5 has a tear in the top right corner of the cover)     $2 each or $12 for all 7

Tales from Shakespeare (like new)    $5
That Girl of Pierre's (like new)     $8
Princess Academy (good, minor wear on corners)     $4
The Hobbit (good, minor cover wear)     $4

The Enchanted Castle (cover torn on bottom left corner)     $2 SOLD

Exploring Creation with Biology including solutions, tests and study guides (good condition, gently used),    $50 for the whole set

Science 1 for Young Catholics (good... wear on cover),    $5
Science 2 for Young Catholics (good... wear on cover),    $5 SOLD

Basic Chemistry Fourth Edition (recommended by CHC) with Instructor's Solutions Manual (incredibly hard to find...CHC doesn't even sell it with the textbook): excellent condition,    $60 for the set

Classical Composition I Fable Stage Teacher Guide, (like new),   $20
Classical Composition II Narrative Stage Teacher Guide (like new),   $20
Stories With a View (older edition but in like new condition, includes stapled teacher's guide),   $12
The First Whole Book of Diagrams (like new),   $20

Saxon Algebra 1/2 ISBN 1-56577-149-4 with test forms (good, some wear on edges, tight binding)    $22 for the set
Saxon Math 8/7 ISBN 1-59141-320-6 (good... wear on cover and light pencil markings inside but no answers written in)    $18
Saxon Algebra 1 ISBN 1-56577-134-6 with test forms and homeschool packet answers (good, cover damaged on test forms and homeschool packet, but pages inside are fine, some pencil markings and names on test forms... my kids liked to write fictional character's names on the name line :) ...but no answers written on test forms)    $25 for set

Saxon Math Algebra 1/2 ISBN 0-939798-06-9 (Second edition/ Teacher's edition, excellent condition/slight cover fading)   $15 SOLD

CHC Kindergarten Lesson Plans (in binder, like new condition)    $15
High School of Your Dreams (like new)    $35

Fix-it! Grammar (2007 edition),   $15 SOLD
Excellence in Literature: British Literature,   $18
Excellence in Literature: Introduction to Literature,   $18

Robin Hood Teacher Guide (excellent condition, minor crease on top left corner of cover),    $7
How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare (like new),    $10

American History for Young Catholics Grade 1 (gently used... two pages have light yellow crayon marks)   $6
Great Saints in World History Grade 2 (gently used... no marks, minor cover wear)    $7 SOLD
Historical Atlas of the World ( like new)    $7
Saint Francis (very good, slight wrinkling on edge of dust cover)     $15
Word to Caesar (like new)    $10
Madeleine Takes Command (like new)    $10

History Through the Ages : Creation through Present (2 CD set, like new, no scratches or smudges)   $45

Jesse Tree Ornament Kit from Illuminated Ink (unopened and unused),    $4 SOLD
How to Paint Citadel Miniatures with DVD (good condition, some wear on the pages),    $14

Geography Coloring Book (like new/ unused),  $10 SOLD
Getting Started With Latin (good... wear on cover and corners),    $10 SOLD
How to Draw Faces (like new),    $2 SOLD

The Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook (like new)     $9 SOLD
Sew Serendipity (very good, unused, price tag remainder on top right corner)   $15 SOLD

Read a Rhyme, Write a Rhyme (like new)     $5
Josefina's Craft Book (very good, minor cover wear)     $5 SOLD
Felicity's Craft Book (very good, minor cover wear)     $5

(remember that games will include a separate $10 shipping charge & can't be sent media mail)
The Priest Game (unused, sells for $33 including shipping),  I'm asking $17 + $10 for shipping. SOLD
Sid Meier's Civilization (gently used... some artistic markings to make costumes more family friendly... you're welcome!)    $33 + $10 shipping (see below)

How to Train Your Dragon    $5
Tangled    $10
Wonder Pets Save the Dinosaur   $2
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers   $4 SOLD

Lacy Little Knits (like new)   $5
Mother-Daughter Knits (like new)   $5
Last Minute Knitted Gifts , (like new)   $7

Stashbuster Knits (like new)   $8
Itty-bitty Toys (like new)   $10
The Knitter's Book of Yarn (like new)   $7

Learn New Stitches on Circle Looms (like new)    $5
Boutique Knits (like new)   $7
The Knitting Answer Book (like new)   $3

(...or anyone you've recently banned from your FB feed for sharing too many political posts)
Conservative Victory, Collector's Edition autographed and numbered, (like new),    $20
A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity (like new),    $8
Sarah Palin: America By Heart (like new),    $10