Monday, January 15, 2007

Pride and Prejudice

There was a game yesterday that brought sadness and sighs from certain occupants of my house. So last night, realizing that we needed some cheering, I grabbed this from the DVD cabinet. It certainly did the trick!

I was happy and contented, smiling on the inside and out.


...was out like a light!

At least he wasn't in pain anymore. Love you honey!


  1. Matilda, I watched P & P yesterday, too! :) I love both versions.

  2. Dawn, I also enjoy both versions. Can you do Jane Austen badly?

  3. Cubeland,
    I am on strict orders from my dad not to mention their name until training camp in July. They can prove themselves worthy then.

    My husband adds--- too bad they won't have as good a draft pick as the Raiders!


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