Friday, February 2, 2007

How old do they really think I am?

Husband took the kiddos to the library the other night and checked out a ton of books! I love it when this happens because I know that I will get to spend the next few days in (relative) peace. I can find a little extra time to bake something special in my tiny kitchen, mostly unencumbered, and with only minimal tripping over tiny helpful persons.

The only catch is that Shortcake loves to share. She loves to share every funny, silly , crazy thing that her favorite fat, orange cat does, or thinks about doing, or does to someone else. Looking for 5 minutes of peace and quiet to focus on my recipe, I kindly explained to her that I had my chance to enjoy all of those books she loves when I was a kid. I have read them all so now, it is her turn!

Shortcake: OK, but did they have the pictures?