Sunday, March 25, 2007

I've been a little busy...

..trying to finish this blanket for my new godson. My arms are hurting and my eyes are tired, but I know it is nothing compared to the pains his mother endured and the sleep she is being deprived of now. I won't be able to attend his baptism, but I am sending lots of soft kisses and warm hugs the only way I can.

Lord, surround this child with goodness,

lead him in Your light each day;
Let him walk the path You've chosen,
guide his steps along the way...
Teach him to trust Your wisdom
and obey Your loving plan;
Keep him from all harm, protect him
as he grows to be a man.


  1. Wow. That is beautiful!

    What a keepsake for the little guy...


  2. Beautiful! I love that shade of blue. It's been a long time since I crocheted, but you're inspiring me!

  3. Matilda,
    Is this from a pattern or did you create this yourself?
    It is very darling! Any chances of passing on the pattern?

  4. Annonymouse,
    It is an old pattern that I easily altered. The booklet says "Leisure Arts Leaflet 2846. Pattern #4 is called Little Lady and calls for a MC, Color A and Color B. It is pictured in white, green and pink. I only chose two colors, as you can see. It also called for ruffles to be crocheted on top of the blanket, where you see the three rows of double crochet that make a grid-like pattern. I was going to do these in white, but Husband thought it made it look "girlie", even with all the blue (BTW Kristen, Sky Blue 7822 Red Heart, Soft Baby). So I nixed the ruffles, which made it more breathable and light weight and just finished with the edging. Hope that helps!

  5. Here is the leaflet that the pattern came from and no, that is not me selling it. : )


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