Monday, March 5, 2007

Lots of Friends...

...Too Few Kites By Sunshine
~actually, the children all did a great job of sharing last Friday and helping each other get the kites launched, wouldn't you agree Nutmeg? My littlest had the hardest time accepting that it wasn't always his turn! He would be the one saying "wa, wa, wa"!


  1. Yes, I do agree! They all did really well.

    Is that my Little Love "signing"??

    Very impressive rendition of the day!

  2. Actually, that is Sunshine "sighing".

    Here is what she told me: She was wishing we had brought kites for everybody. A princess kite for Little Dear and one for herself, a strawberry one each for Little Boo and Shortcake and a flowery rainbow one for Little Love! Something boyish for the boys, of course.


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