Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Wiggly Woes

I have mentioned before that we are using Behold and See for The Professor's science this year and I really have liked it thus far. There are a lot of experiments which is right up The Professor's alley, but to be perfectly honest, one of the most recent experiments is no where near any alley of mine!

We built our own terrariums and we even went so far as to build two separate ones, one with a plant and one with seeds (dwarf basil) to see which thrived better. They both seem to be doing just fine and in fact, I might actually get to use the basil once it can be harvested. Yeah...I love cooking with fresh basil! My complaint though is with what you see below.No, it is not some sort of control environment that is necessary to the experiment.

It is a pot full of 22 Canadian night crawlers sitting in my garage.

Why do I have 22 Canadian night crawlers buried alive in my garage you ask? Well... should you ever try an experiment that calls for one earthworm per terrarium but the fishing department of the local Stuff-mart only sells them in packs of 24 so you have to figure out what to do with the other 22 since it is the dead of winter and freezing cold outside and you just can't bring yourself to toss them out on their own (poor little slimy things) then you too might end up with a lovely pot of worms in your garage!

My father, worm guru that he is, suggested keeping them there until the ground warms up and they can be "planted" in the yard (after receiving their green cards, of course). Thankfully, this is Texas and "warming up" is what our weather does best! Here's hoping we are worm free by next week.

Let's see...St. Peter is the patron of Worms, Germany who did have a bishop canonized, St. Amandus of Worms. Maybe we should just wait until St. Patrick's feast day and pretend they are snakes!