Saturday, March 10, 2007

You are my Sunshine... only Sunshine.


I mentioned to the kids on the way home from the movie store that Husband and I were going to have a date night. Sunshine was obviously grumpy and sullen.

Me: Why don't you want us to have a date night?

Sunshine: Because the last time you had a date night it meant we had to go to bed early!
Darn it! She's on to me!


Nightmares of a Home Schooled Child

In tears telling me the horrible dream she had:
I dreamed that we were at Aunt C's wedding and she had such a lovely wedding but then Shortcake turned on some really crazy rock-n-roll music and you yelled at her really loud and you... sent her to school!... and The Professor too!... and I... I... I ONLY HAD BIGBOY TO PLAY WITH!


After lunch---

Sunshine: I have to leave my mouth open the whole day just in case I burp from that soda!


  1. Loved it! Creative, unique, wow! This movie is Will Farrell's "Truman Show". I will never look at him the same way again. Emma was amazing but isn't she always?

    I use to be a theater snob. My favorite saying was, "Theater is life. Film is art. Television is furniture." This is one film that I would definitely call "art" even though we watched it on our television.

    Actually, I told Husband that I think I would have been very uncomfortable watching it in a movie theater because you really get inside the characters in a very personal and intimate way.

    What did you think?

  2. We enjoyed this movie recently, too.


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