Friday, April 6, 2007

Good Friday Evening

Because all of the cool mommies are doing it!
Seriously, these women are amazingly talented!


  1. That is wonderful! I LOVE the soldiers! I am SO going to have to make some for next year!And I am honored to be listed amongst the "cool mommies!"

  2. Theresa,
    You are a totally cool mommy in my book! I'm willing to bet that Superboy and all the others would agree!

  3. This is a late comment (I've been away)...but I ditto Theresa -- what clever soldiers!! The shields, the pom-poms, the leather "skirt-thingy" (I'm really well versed in soldier attire). I love it! I'm putting a link on my my blog to it. Let me know if that's not okay!

  4. Wonderful, yours turned out pretty amazing as well!! Bravo!


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