Saturday, April 7, 2007

Keeping busy (and warm)

Nothing warms your house like boiling pots and pans bubbling merrily on top of the stove all day long! Although, if you are only boiling the food to make vegetable dyed eggs, it loses some of it's comforting aspect. Add to that the fact that everything had to be boiled with vinegar and, well... my house smells like sauerkraut! Very Eastery, don't cha think? Husband was most helpful... Got any liver sausage? Ewww!

Here is how the process looked (trust me, you don't want to know how it smelled):
Boiling blueberries
Attempting a marble effect
Guess which vegetable started red, turned the eggs green but ended up as brown as chocolate!

I can't show you the final products yet because some of them are taking an overnight soak in the fridge to achieve darker colors. I can tell you that the colors from the onions were very surprising, the marble effect didn't quite turn out, but looked interesting anyway and asparagus made no change in color to the egg at all.

Here are the children's Easter baskets decorated and ready to be snatched away tonight by the Easter Angels only to be returned tomorrow while we are celebrating Our Risen Lord.
Shortcake's Dalmatian basket and BigBoy's Superman Car
The Professor opted for a convertible basket and Sunshine called hers "Paradise". She had the most fun decorating! Can you tell?
And the content of this box is ready to burst forth and sing....