Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Spring Daze

At home...
(Click any picture to enlarge)
You lookin' at me?

Monarch Butterfly

We've had a lot of rain!

Striped Morning Sphinx Hawkmoth

Texas Rat Snake
(head not shown out of respect for the squeamish)

On and off the nature trail...

Why did the mourning dove cross the road?
To prove he wasn't a chicken!
~ courtesy of The Professor

Have I mentioned the rain?

On his way to the Ugly Bug Ball

This area was destroyed by a wildfire last summer during the terrible drought we suffered. I really loved this picture of the burned trees surrounded by the new, green grasses and pretty blue wildflowers.

Pipevine Swallowtail, I think.

Indian Paintbrush

Just For Fun...

I saw a little bee flying,
All black and covered with fuzz.
I squished that little bee flying
And now that bee's a was!
~ courtesy of Husband and The Professor


  1. Great pics. It looks like that snake was crawling between your feet. Ahhhhhh!

  2. Away from actually! Behold the power of the zoom!

    He was also distracted by Husband's shovel. It really wasn't a very big one. Maybe 20 inches?

  3. What wonderful pictures!

    I have not seen any Indian Paintbrushes around here...we saw some on the way to Fort Worth for Easter though and they are so pretty!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Welcome, Spring!!

  5. Thanks for all the great pictures! That makes me feel a bit warmer while they predict snow for us tomorrow. ;)

  6. Love the insect photos, Matilda! The Striped Morning Sphinx Hawkmoth is beautiful!

  7. Gorgeous photos! Is that Trumpet Vine already in flower? Ours doesn't bloom until late summer in Ga. Love the butterflies too!

  8. I love the photo of the burned trees surrounded by new life!

  9. These are wonderful pictures. HOw beautiful! I just noticed that your url is "tiredtwang". LOL!


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