Saturday, April 14, 2007

We survived!

Well, the virus didn't do us in, so the tornado and the hail tried to.

I know it could have been much worse so I am definitely not complaining! Had it been one night earlier we would have been huddled in the closet with buckets and bowls listening to our house getting pounded by icy hammers, assuming we could have crawled to the closet. Instead, since we were passed the worst of the stomach flu, we only had blankets, pillows, candles, a jug of water, crackers, bag of surprise goodies which I like to keep on hand this time of year (gotta love the Target Dollar Spot!) and bike helmets. Yes, I said bike helmets! Don't laugh.

And although my house looks like a tornado came tearing through it, that is only the result of medical maladies not meteorological. We were very fortunate that the twister stayed just to the south of us. We lost a tree limb and might have roof damage, but nothing too severe. Please pray for those who were hardest hit.

Taken from the back door just after the storm passed.
Just a glimpse of God's goodness!

Thank you for all the prayers and the check-up phone calls! : )


  1. What a rough week you have had. Glad you are experiencing the rainbow now.

  2. I'm glad to hear you guys are good. We had a bad storm that night with hail, but no tornado. I bet you were a sight with all your helmets on!

  3. Well, I'm not going to offer any pictures! Hee, hee.

    Actually, I only have them for the children. I remember reading that most injuries resulting from tornadoes are concussions from falling (or flying) objects. They usually recommend protecting yourself with a mattress or blanket.

  4. I'm so glad you all are all better! Glad to see you waltzing again with your sweet thankful spirit. That is some wild hail!


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