Tuesday, May 1, 2007

To all the Worker Bees

Happy Feast Day!

We sent Husband off to work today with a new shirt and a desk mug. I don't believe this is a gift giving occasion, but the man worked very hard last weekend helping me clean out our closet and had to part with a majority of his dress shirts because the collars were fraying. I have more on order for him since Lands End seems to be the only place that regularly stocks Trim Fit dress shirts for men in a variety of colors instead of just white. Old Navy use to carry a fit called Vintage Fit and those shirts came in fun patterns and colors, but that was something they tried for just that year, or that is what I am guessing since none of the coiffed and manicured men who work there knew what I was talking about when I said "Vintage Fit" and in fact, looked at me as though I had grown a third eye in the middle of my forehead when I described them. I know we live in a supersized world, but you can't tell me that my husband is the only one who needs a dress shirt that is a little slimmer in the torso area so that it doesn't billow behind him in the breeze? Rant over... now.

The desk mug was so that he could get coffee from the cafeteria at work instead of drinking the "hat coffee" in the break room. What is "hat coffee" you ask? Well that would be the lovely brown colored water that lands in the coffee pot after being filtered by surgical hat because real coffee filters haven't been restocked. Ewwwww! For a quarter, he can get a steaming mug of Joe (on St. Joseph's Day!), he just has to provide his own mug... and now he can.

Don't forget to kiss your worker bee today!

Yes, I know we mothers work too and do very important work as well, but I have always thought of this day as the day to celebrate the work that makes that possible. If not for his work, I wouldn't have the privilege of doing mine!


  1. My husband is broad chested and a thick neck. By the time we find something that will fit the neck and chest, it is sooo long that it looks like a night shirt!

  2. Matilda:

    I love this post! And the graphic is fabulous -- especially as the pliers are a symbol of taking Jesus OFF the cross through our good works. I like too that you mention how wonderful our dhs are to go off to work so we can stay home, play with the kids all day, and convince others "no, it's really work"!!!!

    Blessings and hugs to you and yours

  3. Hat coffee...HILARIOUS!!! Who would ever even think to try such a thing?! (Obviously someone very desperate for coffee.) I'm sure your hubby was quite pleased with his new mug. :)

  4. What a thoughtful and lovely sweet flower you are for your worker bee!


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