Monday, May 21, 2007

Waldorf Cutie Beauties

From this...... to this.
Who says redheads can't wear pink?

Sunshine has requested a Cutie Beautie doll for her birthday? What is a Cutie Beautie doll you ask? Oh come on...ask. Please. That is the name that was given to a Waldorf doll that I made using a Magic Cabin Doll Kit about 5 years ago. I think these are gorgeous dolls but there was no way I was going to pay $100+ (even if I could have) for a doll that was going to have the stuffing hugged out of her. The kits are about $20 each or you can buy the individual pieces like stuffing, skin, hair, etc.... for a little less.

Sunshine was turning three then and Shortcake was only 18 months. I only made one doll, intending it for Sunshine, and gave it blue-green eyes to match hers. Sunshine's favorite toy at the time was this old pink so-soft baby doll that was so worn and ragged. I hoped a pretty new doll would intice her to let me at least wash the other one, if not retire it. Well, she had a mind of her own (darned free will!) and no-way-no-how-would-not be persuaded.

Shortcake on the other hand loved the doll and made it her own. It had no hair at first, because I couldn't figure out how to attach the hair it came with following the impossibly difficult enclosed instructions. No problem. She wore hats.

When Shortcake was about 3 years old, she requested hair for her dolly... purple hair with bangs just like hers. (um...the bangs, not the *purple part. Her hair is brown.) I figured out how to make the hair using yarn. Shortcake was delighted and was finally ready to bestow the name Cutie Beautie on her beloved little friend. Trust me...without the hair or hats she was anything but cute and all of her beauty was definitely in the eyes of her beholder! Anyone who has made one of these dolls knows how Frankenstein like the back of head looks uncovered.

This year, Sunshine requested a companion for Cutie Beautie only she wanted her doll to have red hair (red like a rose, not orange) and no bangs (just like her). She even specified chocolate brown eyes to match her sister's (since CB's eyes were made to match Sunshine's). To go along with the Little House birthday theme she has chosen, I made them both little prairie bonnets and dresses with aprons.
Looks like BFFs already!

*This might be funny only to me, but it's my there. Sunshine was such an easy going baby/toddler that we use to have fun asking her silly questions in a sing song voice to which she would always respond with a perky little "OH- kay!". One of the questions we asked her all the time was, "Sunshine, can I paint your hair purple?" OH-kay!

Well now, Shortcake has a purple haired doll with Sunshine's blue-green eyes!


  1. Matilda,

    THESE are wonderful. I made String Bean one of these this year for her bday, but it's no where as nice as these ... very cool and the Little House theme is wonderful!

  2. They are so cute! You did a wonderful job, Matilda!

  3. They are cutie beauties! I love looking at what you make for your kids.

  4. They are so cute! And just what I wanted to make for Lucy's birthday. I am off to place my order! Great job.

  5. "I like the dolls. They're very cute."

    Maria B. (age 6)

  6. Solid gold girlie! Those are the neatest little dolls... oh to have sweet girls carrying thier own dolls...


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