Thursday, June 7, 2007

And speaking of Summer...

Sunshine: I remember last summer when you use to cook in the garage. It was so hot in there... just like an oven!

Blink, blink.

OK, some explanation is in order. You have probably heard of people cooking eggs on the sidewalk, chicken in their radiators, or fish in the dishwasher. And yes... it gets really, really hot in Texas (otherwise known as "stinkin' hot") but I'll bet you have never heard of a using the garage as an outdoor oven, have you?

Me neither.

However, I have been known to do some baking in the electric roasting oven I have in the garage in an attempt to keep our air conditioner from working overtime since it is already doing battle with the blazing sun.

I guess she missed that part. : )

To be perfectly fair though, what else is a child supposed to think when mommy goes into the garage carrying pans of brown mush and comes out with banana bread?

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  1. Hilarious!

    Now I don't feel so strange for wanting some double ovens in our garage. My neighborhood thrift store had 2 Kitchenaid convection ovens for $40.

    My husband refused : )


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