Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer Reading

Jamie, consider yourself forewarned!!! : ) I had this typed up before you commented below, honest!

We don't do many formal school subjects during the summer. The children do some Math and some handwriting practice (so that they don't slip back into "illegible" come September). I have also introduced cursive during the summer months, just for fun, but with the advances in technology, I have seriously wondered whether it is necessary.

Anyway, what we do like to focus on is reading! It looks like we are in some excellent company.

Most of the books on my children's reading lists came as suggestions from others. The fluff I read when I was a child was... well, I believe the technical term is "twaddle". Since I am always scouring other people's book lists*, I thought I would share what my kids are reading as it might spark someone else's imagination too:

The Professor, age 9:
The Phantom Tollbooth (over and over and over....)
If All the Swords in England
Charlie & the Great Glass Elevator
Legend of Luke
By the Great Horn Spoon (again)
The Penderwicks
The Incredible Journey
The Great Brain Series
Conquests of Invention
The Bellmaker (are you sensing a Redwall theme here?)
The Happy Hollisters (everyone needs a little fluff)

Sunshine, age 8:
Cam Jansen Mysteries (Cam Jansen is a great step before Nancy Drew!)
Hi-Jinks Joins the Bears
The Wind in the Willows
King David and His Songs
St. Therese and the Roses (she chose this one and the one above herself!)
The Boxcar Children
Children Everywhere (this is an old reader about children from different countries)
An Alphabet of Saints
Little House in the Highlands (the original, unmutilated unabridged version)

Shortcake, age 6 (doing some reading but also being read to):
lots of Biscuit books (she loves dogs!)
Young Cam Jansen Mysteries (audiobooks from the library)
Many Moons
Who Wants a Cheap Rhinoceros?
It's Raining Pigs and Noodles

*suggestions always welcome!


  1. And all these reading lists for kids are, of course, as important as school itself.

  2. Have you read Winged Watchman? Its a favorite of mine, but I am not sure if 9 is a bit young for it. It's a Bethlehem book so its wholesome. My daughter also enjoyed Pegeen, but that's a girls book...

  3. We are big Hilda Van Stockum fans here. Andries is probably most loved right now, but we also have The Winged Watchman and have enjoyed it.

  4. If Sunshine likes the Little House books, she will like Caddie Woodlawn. The Professor might like The Trumpeter of Krakow, but it might be a little hard for him.

    Barnes and Noble is having a summer reading program where kids can earn free books for reading. (Sorry I don't know how to do hyperlinks.) :)


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