Thursday, July 19, 2007

From deep in the heart of Texas...

Painted Cow 3The Traveling Art Journal is on its way to a good Kentucky home, but before we waved goodbye we decided to show "Artie" some local "color".
Painted Cow 8
Painted Cow 10
Painted Cow 7Welcome to the Southlake Stampede. Painted longhorns. Yeah, and we wonder why people think we all wear cowboy hats, boots and holsters. Check out that link to see all of the statues and to find out a little more about them if you want to or just enjoy our Wednesday in the park with Artie.

Painted Cow 9
Painted Cow 1BigBoy's favorite: Darth Mooder

Painted Cow 2This little guy was taken away for repairs right after we snapped this shot.
He was replaced by a colorful cousin.
Painted Cow 4
Painted Cow 5

As you can see, my kids had to do the fingerprint characters too! Love, love, LOVE Ed Emberley!!!
Bye-bye Artie! Thanks, Alice!


  1. I love that rosary sunprint! Very fun!

  2. That was Sunshine's! She chose the necklace we gave her for her First Communion, the rosary she received from Aunt E's family and her favorite bracelet. The Professor made a special mini-dragster out of legos. Shortcake chose two animals and so did BigBoy.

  3. I didn't know other cities did this! One year it was cats, another dogs, cows, this year lighthouses.

  4. Oh my goodness!!! I love the name "Artie"! If you don't mind, I think that's what I'll call him from now on. :-)

  5. PS~ My kids are going nuts over the cows!!! :-)

  6. You are welcome to call him "Artie". I am glad you like it. I was a little hesitant to "christen" him like that. We had so much fun. I am glad your kids like the cows and I hope they enjoy seeing their "friend" having a good time with the bovine!


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