Friday, July 6, 2007

Say what?

In the car on the way to daily Mass, Sunshine and Shortcake were looking at a book of saints.

Shortcake: Joan of Arc kind of looks like me after I get my hair cut.
Sunshine: Hey, did you know she was a pagan?
Me: (resisting the urge to stand on the brake pedal) WHAT???
Sunshine: St. Joan use to be a pagan.
Me: No she wasn't! Who told you that?
Sunshine (uncharacteristically insistent): It says so in this book!!! (handing it forward... yeah, I am a great driver!)

Me: Sweetie. . . that word is peasant.


  1. LOL! Don't you love that!
    Be glad you were right! What i hate is when we are shocked and adamantly tell them they are wrong and then boom... they WERE right in the first place.

  2. Rofl. But I must tell you, the word pagan actually used to mean peasant! Strictly speaking, "country dweller." So Sunshine was right, in the literal sense ;-)

    PS, you have such a cool & funny weblog. I'm not surprised you were named a Rocki' Girl Blogger.


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