Saturday, August 11, 2007

All aboard!!!

A good friend of mine potty trains with her own system called the "Naked and $75 Method". Basically you let the child run naked and figure you will have to spend about $75 on carpet cleaning when all is said and done.

Today we have our own success to report (after one false start) using a variation of this method.
Here are the steps we followed:
1. Spend a few days watching this movie over and over until your eyeballs bleed.

2. Be sure to pay attention to the words of the songs so that you are able to sing them loudly and off key. Especially this one.

3. Buy one of these on clearance for about $75.

4. Bring the potty chair outside and inform the trainee that there is no "P" in this pool.

5. Watch him get so excited playing with his brother and sisters and fall down in shock when he announces he has to go.

6. Be sure to sing the songs even though you are outside and try not to think about how many of your neighbors can hear you.

It worked. I can't believe it. We didn't plan this, we just thought "Hey, let's see what happens". In fact, a sweet friend had convinced me just last night to wait a bit. The pool was our attempt to combat the cabin fever everyone is suffering from. We were only watching the movie while waiting for some other reinforcements to arrive; I was determined not to push the issue. We weren't going to jump in feet first today, but here we are splashing and playing.

He used the potty chair twice outside, so before he came inside we replaced all the diapers in the diaper basket with underwear (Superman, if you must know) and he has used it twice again!

Husband asked what are we going to do about church tomorrow. I say... full steam ahead! Choo-woo!


  1. The bottoms off is my method of choice -- and it worked four times! I love to watch that expression appear on their face as they look around in a last-minute panic to find the potty. Good job little man!

  2. Oh my, underwear to church. You brave soul.

    I hope it went well! Actually, I hope it didn't go at all...or something like that...

  3. Congratulations BigBoy!!! Wooooo!



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