Saturday, August 4, 2007

Dee-doo-doo-doo, dee-doo-doo-doo

I unlock this door with the key of digital images. Beyond it is another dimension: a dimension of sight, a dimension of confusion, a dimension of heaps and piles. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into... the Cluttered Zone.

There are many different kinds of clutter. Some clutter shows up over time and some clutter seems to sprout and blossom overnight. What you see above the worst kind of clutter in my mind... project clutter. It never seems to fail that when I get focused on a project, everything else disappears from my mind's eye. I have been working on several projects simultaneously so, well... you saw the pictures. The worst part of "project clutter" is the guilt you feel when it is over and you see the mess that lies in your wake. Did I really have to sew those now? I shouldn't have spent all that time on a silly little project? Now look at this place... was it really worth it?

Anyway... Husband is going through a stressful time at work right now and I know that I always feel better when our room is a place of comfort and peaceful refuge. Hopefully, the peace and calm of home will soothe his raw nerves, too. Other than the carpet (which we can do nothing about at this moment) and the lack of curtains (can't decide what I want), I think it looks lovely. This is probably more than you ever wanted to know about my bedroom, but here it is:
Pictures from top to bottom: From our honeymoon in Seattle, Shortcake (age 1), & The Professor (age 3) and that is a weather radio on the shelf, not a prehistoric alarm clock. It tells us if we need to hide in the closet or just under the covers! The basket contains most of my "current reads".
Yes, I painted stripes on 3 of our 4 walls. Don't ask me why. I think it had something to do with a bad Trading Spaces flashback. Someone once said that our room reminded them of the inside of a hat box. Not sure what that meant, but they insisted it was a good thing. This basket of books are all written in Czech and came from my grandparents. I am looking into donating them to a Czech museum.
Pictures: Our honeymoon lighthouse, The Professor holding newborn Shortcake, & The Professor age 4 and Sunshine age 3. The big piece of metal in the corner is Husband's rowing machine. It's bad for decor but good for his back.

Pictures on top: My grandparent's wedding picture and my great-grandparent's wedding picture
On the wall: Girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer (my favorite!) I saw it during its restoration process in the Netherlands and brought back this poster.
The blue in the blanket on our bed perfectly matches the blue in the Vermeer and I love it. Thanks for stopping by and stomaching my brutally honest clutter!

Oh, and Barbara... I see your dare and raise you a double dare! : )


  1. Ooooh. This could get ugly. Just Kidding! :o)

    I, too, like the stripes (and the Vermeer -- have you read the book?). And I can't believe how clean your WHITE carpet is!

    Thanks for taking the challenge -- and I heard that sewing machine in the corner crying to make you some window treatments. How about some Roman or Austrian shades?

  2. I did read the book but it was a while ago. Trust me, the carper only looks clean in the picture. It is horrible and was chosen by the previous owner of the house... a batchelor!

    I want to make something for the windows, I just can't decide what. Roman shades would be lovely, but then I also like the idea of breezy sheer drapes which probably wouldn't be practical for this room since it gets so much sun and stays stifling hot in the summer.

  3. I liked the intro to your post ... too funny. The room looks great, too!

  4. Looks fantastic! A nice restful bedroom. :)

  5. Very nice room. Will you come paint stripes at my house? I have always wanted some, but am way too afraid of getting the measurements wrong and whatnot. Your room looks peaceful and calm. And your clutter doesn't hold a candle to mine, which I won't be sharing with the internet.


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