Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Kitchen Madonna

A long time ago, in a season far, far away, Margaret asked to see our dirty dishes... I mean our kitchens with a view; specifically, the view from our kitchen sink. You can see a Madonna and Child standing there in the middle trying to coax me into one more load of dirty pots and pans. Here she is again in all her loveliness.My Czech ancestry requires me to have at least one Infant of Prague statue. This one is my Kitchen Infant (there is a second one in my bedroom). The Madonna is a discontinued Fontanini statue that was a gift from Husband. She may not be a traditional one, but she is my Kitchen Madonna.

*I am going to post a carnival of all the Kitchen Madonnas that have been sent my way on Monday. Let me know if you want to join in with a post of your own.


  1. She's beautiful...wonder why they would discontinue her?

    Czech, huh? Slovak, here. Did you always pick Czechoslovakia for your country report in elementary school? Were you the only 10 year old you knew who could actually spell Czechoslovakia? Do you feel guilty because poppy seed filling is not your favorite?

  2. Technically Bohemian and Moravian. Yes. Yes. YES!!!

    Have you ever tried to make an apple strudel that turned out looking like a burrito? Did your grandparents eat liver sausage and onions every Sunday for dinner? Did anyone complain when you refused to serve sausage and sauerkraut at you wedding? Did your grandma's kolaches smell like mothballs?

    Thanks for the laugh!

  3. Yes, a burrito with a sugary glaze. Liver and mother will occasionally order this in restaurants!

    It was stuffed cabbage that we omitted at the wedding...and we didn't have everyone bring a dessert or a platter of cookies.

    Did your relatives come to the wedding armed with dollar bills and expect to have to pay to dance with you?

    Did (does) your (grand)mother use a liberal sprinkling of words that you found out when you were older were not English?

    Did you laugh at the locals when you moved to the South because they called their buddies "Bubba" and you thought it meant "old lady"? you see any difference?

  4. Alright, you two....this is a post about kitchen Madonnas, remember?!! ;)

    100% French Canadian, here. I won't (or rather, can't) join in the above conversation.

    But I can make a mean beef burgundy.

    Your statue is lovely, especially bathed in blue as she is in this photo. And I LOVED the idea of her there to encourage you as you tackled yet another stack of dishes...

    Have a beautiful weekend, my dear. Minnesota is getting gloriously drenched with a much-needed rain, so we're cuddled up and cozy in our kitchen.

    Speaking of which.

  5. No dollar bills, but we did do The Grand March. I grew up with "Bubbas" so there was no big problems there. Love stuffed cabbage rolls, but didn't serve them at my wedding. Nobody brought dessert plates, but my mom made tons of strudel and served it as an appetizer at the reception.

    My grandparents spoke fluent Czech, but only when they didn't want us to know what they were (arguing) talking about and my grandpa also spoke German but my mom (being the youngest I guess) doesn't know more than a handful of phrases.

    Sorry Margaret. French Canadian, eh? I still love you! :)

  6. Matilda,
    She is lovely. Simply lovely.

    And thank you for forwarding that hurricane prayer to TX. It means so much to know that prayer is in the hands of vigilant prayer warriors. :)

  7. All the private Czech jokes aside, she's incredibly gorgeous, and I wish I had one. Can't wait to see them ALL, blessings!

  8. Beautiful statue, Matilda! BTW, I'm Polish, love stuffed cabbage rolls, know a few words and phrases in Polish picked up from my beloved Grandmother, and absolutely refused to have people pay to dance with me at my wedding!

  9. Matilda,
    I love your kitchen Madonna. I have one, as well, and she has been my companion over many a sink of dirty dishes.

  10. She really is beautiful. You can see mine here:

    God bless you.


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