Thursday, August 2, 2007

Why they prefer Daddy to read at storytime...

``In these very scales shalt thou weigh me out,'' said the relentless Baron, ``a thousand silver pounds, after the just measure and weight of the Tower of London.''

``Have mercy on me, noble knight!'' exclaimed Isaac; ``I am old, and poor, and helpless. It is true. *But I am also an inventor of firearms" and with a flourish of his cloak, Isaac pulled out the Gatling gun hidden underneath and blasted his way out of the dungeon.

Excuse me???

*Husband likes to alter the story just to make sure everyone is paying attention!


  1. I'm quite sure that if my new dh were to read a story to the kids at their bedtime, it would be handled in essentially the same way. No, maybe not. My dh would pull out the (unloaded) gun himself!

  2. LOL. My dh does the same thing, lol.

  3. It must be a male thing. The Chief does it too, most often with a Cockney accent!


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