Saturday, September 8, 2007

It better be good cheese!

Apparently, there is a whine and cheese party going on in Cyberworld. I guess I'll bring the bean dip.

Today began at 5:53 AM with a busted AC unit (yes, I said "busted", welcome to Texas y'all), included dumping Feta cheese on my kitchen floor (stink, stank, stunk!), cleaning raw chicken juice off the bottom of my refrigerator, and ended with canceling our dinner plans with some new friends because I was driving myself to the Urgent Care Center with a tongue depressor sized craft stick attached to my index finger with a couple of Shortcake's scrunchies so that I wouldn't accidentally bend it; thereby re-opening the gash I cut into the middle knuckle with an open can of refried beans. :(

The Upside:
It only took half a day and a truckload of money, but the AC is working again.

Both the Doc and his nurse were impressed with my craft stick splint.

No stitches thanks to the invention of Crazy Glue. (Actually, you can't Crazy Glue the knuckle because it bends so the doc used three tiny little butterfly strips with glue on them but that doesn't matter because the point of the story is "no needles"... woo hoo!)

Our friends are available to come over tomorrow night! : )


I can still type!


  1. Oh Matilda... my goodness, today was just not your day! Tomorrow will be better, IT HAS TOO BE!

  2. Am I bad because I'm laughing?

    How about I say some prayers for you at my Holy Hour tomorrow morning. I KNOW they can be applied retroactively.

  3. Oh my! What a day you've had. Glad you're still able to peck away at the keyboard.

    And can I just say, it's so nice to hear the familiar Texan term "busted." You make me proud. ;)

  4. You poor darlin'! I wish you were close enough for a hug -- you need one. And you come have a big glass of sangria at my whine and cheese party!!

  5. Ack! I whined this week too. Glad you are still able to type your way through it--and you did make me laugh. With you, dear. Not at you. I'm laughing at your can of beans and Barbara's laundry. And my laundry. An d the whole lot of us commiserating. But I do think that whining sounds best with a twang;-).


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