Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Giddy up!

Guess what Shortcake's birthday theme was?Horses! Why yes, she is 7. How did you know?
On the table was a homemade corral for the (not yet) painted ponies and a "table cloth" with lots of coloring opportunities.

The girls got right down to business. Yeah... we make the birthday girl decorate her own party!
When she said she wanted a horse cake, I googled the phrase to get some inspiration. I found this one from Family Fun and showed it to Shortcake. She opted for one more like this one instead. I thought the first one was cute and would have been excited to try it, but Husband thinks we dodged a bullet when she didn't choose the Corleon Cake. She was pleased with mommy's version although when I was decorating it late Monday night it started to look less like a horse and more like an alien to me.

It was very late.

Her birthday saint is St. Frances Cabrini, so to honor her Italian heritage, we had pasta for lunch and my famous garlic chicken pizza for dinner. So I used a pre-made crust and sauce from a jar... I told you I was up late!

Yesterday was pretty low key. The ponies got painted. We watched two movies; National Velvet and the 1994 version of Black Beauty with David Thewlis (love him!) which was excellent and very true to the book. This Saturday is part 2 of her birthday celebration and involves the only thing she has been asking to do for the past year... the girls and I are going horseback riding. Stay tuned for more details.


  1. What a lovely little girl's b-day party, sweet girl, hope it was the best!!

  2. From a mommy who had a daughter who was horse crazy (and still is to a lesser extent) for YEARS, I applaud you--the table is adorable and the cake is very pretty! Happy Birthday to your little one!

  3. My comment never posted! You are one awesome mommy! The cake is beautiful and your Shortcake is one blessed girl.


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