Thursday, November 29, 2007

You had to be there!

While chatting with my dearest friend on the phone in the kitchen, I look up to see my three year old pedaling as fast as he can on his tricycle, heading towards me with a pink floral bandanna draped over his head covering his eyes. His 9 year old brother is pushing him from behind shouting out "Turn right!" at the last second before crashing into me. Bigboy complies and sends them both careening down the hallway. Again, The Professor shouts, "Turn left" just before they hit the dead end in front of them and again, Bigboy swerves just in time, still blinded by giant pink flowers.

Typical Mommy response: What ARE you doing?

The Professor: Mom, it's just directional lessons. I'm teaching him his left and right.

Later that evening:
Bigboy comes to me with the biggest grin on his face and announces that he put his jammies on all by himself! Oh yes, he is my Big Boy! Hugs and kisses all around. My mommy senses tingle a bit and I whisper to him "Did you remember underwear?"

Bigboy taking a peak inside his jammie pants: Ahhhhhhhhh!

Of course he returned and showed EVERYONE he had corrected the situation.

But now his pants were inside out.

And they stayed that way all night long!


  1. ROFLOL Matilda! I thought my boys were the only ones who did stuff like this :)

  2. And just think, if your 9 year old were off at school, the poor thing would never have such tutorials!

  3. What funny boys! We have to remind Buddy about underwear ocassionally too. I love boys.

  4. Now, when we are adding this to our lessons plans, that is, the TRIKE trick, do we indicate that if they DON"T get it right...they crash...hee hee. Maybe we should leave that out! So much fun!
    Yes, just think if you weren't homeschooling..

  5. Oh, now, you left out the part about why the directional lessons were necessary--the Professor wanted to make sure that in case BigBoy were every out riding his tricycle in the fog....



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