Friday, December 14, 2007

St. Lucy Day Recap

We started the day with cinnamon rolls and hot cocoa and ended it with a way-past-bedtime Christmas lights viewing and hot cocoa. I told the kids to put their jammies on and bundle up in their fuzzy slippers and robes as we drove around looking at the lights. The Professor noticed a few signs in people's yards that declared their house to be the something place winner for some kind of award. Quickly our little jaunt turned into a hunt for the 1st place winner. We had no map to guide us; we were just turning down this street and that, trusting Mommy's excellent sense of direction (thanks Dad for that particular gene!). We finally found it on the very last street, right on the corner and there it was... looking like the Gingerbread Man had thrown up all over it.

Why is it that the "winners" are always the people who simply cover every square inch of their yard in decoration? I don't even remember if there were lights on the house or not, but the entire front yard was filled with stand up characters, blow-up Santas (a phrase which delighted The Professor to no end! There were cackles coming from the back every time we spotted one.) and pre-lighted metal structures which essentially proved that if you wanted to win, you better get yourself one of these to store everything in.

The most beautiful house Husband and I saw had a life-sized nativity scene in silhouette form with the wise men traveling towards them. I want to go back there today to see what it looks like in the daylight. Sorry I didn't grab my camera on the way out but I did have it handy this morning to take a picture of our breakfast.
Karen E., you are my family's new favorite person! Trust her. The left-overs made a lovely toasted treat this morning. Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh Matilda we love the recipe too, Karen gets the big thumbs up for our family as well!! It looks like your feast was delightful!

  2. "Blow-up Santa"... that cracks me up. I really dig the Prof's sense of humor.

  3. Oooh, your bread looks lovely! I'm so glad you all enjoyed it! I knew you could do it. If I can, anyone can!

  4. I loathe the inflatables. It just doesn't seem like decorating. We have several yards in our neighborhood vying (how do you spell that?) for Griswold honors.

    I love the idea of wearing jammies while looking at the lights. I think I'm going to put that on our schedule this week.


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