Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Candlemas Post Update

Kira alerted me (thanks!) to the fact that in this Candlemas post, the link to Katherine's post on the saintly table decoration was no longer active so I went ahead and updated the post to include more specific information on how I made last year's Candlemas lantern. I thought I would post it here for anyone who might be interested.

We borrowed Katherine's amazing idea and made this table centerpiece. I made a line drawing of Simeon's Moment and the turtledoves and then copied them onto a piece of transparent vellum. I also made a copy of each of the original pictures on the vellum and cut them down to fit in the mats.

I used black 5x7 mats and chose to make ours four-sided. My original hope was to do three line drawings colored by each of the children but The Professor really doesn't like to color and I didn't feel like forcing him so we devoted 2 sides to St. Simeon and 2 sides to the doves. The picture in the middle was taken when the shade was half done so you can see the inner workings. A three sided shape like Katherine's probably wouldn't shift as much as this one does but I like having a little more room between the candle and the paper.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and yourself!