Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A rant

So I posted about how I wanted to make my girls a few winter skirts and then I rushed out the door to go do it. I also had some plans to make some lightweight flannel pajama bottoms to cover the telephone poles The Professor has sprouted where his legs use to be. When I got there, the material I was looking for was mostly in the sale bin since they seem to think winter is over in Texas, but even at sale prices, 2 - 2.5 yards of fabric still costs $15. Not to mention the cost of a pattern, if you need one and notions and... oh yeah...and I still have to wash, cut and sew everything together all because I couldn't find any drawstring jammies in a size 14. When did they stop making drawstring jammies for boys? And why?????

If I find a size long enough to fit him in length, they are so big that they are falling off his skinny waist. ARGH!!! What happened to the drawstring option? I don't think they are attractive enough for Sunday dress but pajamas aren't seen by anyone outside of the family. Was it because of safety issues? Were too many children waking up to find their pants wrapped around their necks? Was it the whim of the fashion designers? Seriously, pajama bottoms have to be designed? I am tired of someone telling me that the style I want isn't "in" enough to justify giving it space on the rack if it's even still made anywhere in the free world. I am tired of living at the mercy of the clothing industry. (More ranting on that at a later date.) I know it wasn't that long ago that drawstrings existed... he has a pair I bought him only 2 short years ago and they have drawstrings. So where'd they go? This inquiring mind wants to know!


  1. Pajamas frustrate me too - all those Hanna Anderson jammies are treated with that flame retardant which freaks me out. I made a pair of pajama pants for both kids last week from discounted flannel as well. I used one pattern and adjusted it to fit (but that only involved length as they both have the same size bottoms).
    Sorry. It's sort of funny that there is all this legislation over PAJAMAS!

  2. And it is all sizes! I can't find anything for girls sz 10-12 (unless it is SKIMPY) and for boys size 5. Disgusting!

  3. i stopped by here to see your lenten crown of thorns (via 4real) and then happened upon this post - make some kids pants without a pattern - if you really want a drawstring as opposed to elastic - just make a casing and thread it through. feel free to e-mail me if you need/want help.

    a link:

  4. I so agree with you about being at the mercy of the clothing industry. So far I'm still only dealing with toddler clothes and haven't had any issues with them. But for me... I want to buy a skirt that is actually long on me. It's so hard to find anything in the styles I want!

  5. I feel your pain, and have gotten real familiar with the online offerings. Here're some of my finds.
    For an index of lots of modest clothing, of all prices, try:

    This one has particularly inexpensive modest clothing:

    And Rugged Bear has some drawstring jammies on sale for 12 bucks here:


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