Friday, January 18, 2008

...we haven't had an earthquake lately.

Thanks so much to Dawn for reminding me what a special day it was because with everything coming up this weekend (visiting guests from out of state) I would have totally forgotten and then my kids would have remembered somewhere down the the road (probably The Professor...that kid has a mind like a steel trap darn it) that we forgot to do something and then I would have looked it up, realized it past and then spiraled into that part of my brain which right now is a dangerous neighborhood I shouldn't go into alone where I hate myself for being a scatter brained mommy who forgets everything...wah......wah....WAH! Um... where was I? Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again? No, I'm not really that bad. But I would have felt sorry that we missed it so that's why I am saying "thank you" to Dawn.

What is "it" you ask? "It" is A. A. Milne's birthday!

Last year, we made a honey cake and read Prince Rabbit which is still a very clever story. It might be hard to find. We have it in a Junior Classics Collection of stories. Shortcake just reminded me about another A.A. Milne book we have... A Gallery of Children. Thank you sweetie! This year's celebration will include honey cookies and a special dinner of Tigger Tails!
I couldn't resist! Maybe I should have. It's kind of gross if you think about it. OK then. Choosing not to think about it. La la la la la la la!