Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It begins...

Our Lenten calendar this year reflects how my older children are growing up. We have been watching the Michael Palin series Around the World in 80 Days thanks to Suzanne's recommendation and the children have been really enjoying seeing some of these places in real life that they have only read about. I field questions all the time about whether or not Anne-with-an-e was a real person, does Abu Dhabi really exist, is the little house still on the prairie, etc. So their calendar this year was made with our traditional desert theme in mind, but includes pictures of real places; oases, palm fronds, the Golden Gate, olive trees in the Garden of Gethsemane, the room of the Last Supper, Golgatha and a tomb that might look like the tomb Our Lord was laid in). I have some information printed to go along with this that includes some information about these sites that I hope they find interesting.

Not to leave BigBoy out, and because I am not ready to totally give up all cartoonish fun, I made this calendar especially for the little guy.

HT: Karen E. for the awesome little lamb idea that BigBoy truly loves despite his tragic face. That is just evidence of how fast a 3 year old's world can come crashing down around them.


  1. I love your lamb! It is so cute! And so is that little sweetie standing next to it! :-)

  2. I just LOVE your lamb poster!!! What a wonderful idea! Both of your calendars turned out great! Have a blessed Lent!


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