Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Honey-do

I call this picture "Hazards of Cleaning out the Attic". So what are your husbands doing on Sunday nights now that football season is over?


  1. Well, wasn't the Pro Bowl on yesterday? I thought I heard the whistle blowing from somewhere in the house. Doug found something on TV to keep him occupied most of the day, although our cable was off and on (hee,hee).

    I was stuck cooking or helping with 9th grade homework all stinkin' day (and by 10 p.m. I was not be very gracious anymore)!

  2. He's never been one to watch the Pro Bowl and since cleaning out the attic started on Saturday, he got on a roll before he remembered, I think. I was cooking too, but didn't have to worry about algebra or geometry on top of it.


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