Sunday, February 3, 2008

This is soooooo my husband!

I would argue on the "ambitious" comment. He has never been consumed with "getting ahead" but he always strives to do a good job and really gives everything 110%.

He enjoys this show, but now says I can't watch it anymore. He's kidding, of course...I think.

I'm super tired and don't really have anything more to say. It was an exciting game that was enjoyed with good company and good food. Good night!

HT: Martha


  1. He's my TV boyfriend, too! We must be very much alike, M. But, I must say, he's nothing like Doug. Maybe I married the wrong guy?


    That is too funny.

  3. No way Barbara! Maybe it just means he's the kind of guy you like to watch on TV. I would prefer a quirky TV comedy to any of those serious dramas any day. Maybe it means my life is a sitcom?

  4. This is so funny. I did it and got Dan Humphry from Gossip Girl. I've never heard of him or the show.

  5. Um...that's a new one for me too. I know that Martha got Peter Petrelli from Heroes, but I only recognized the actor from an old Gilmore Girls show. I wonder who the other possibilities are.

  6. hmm, now I'm curious as to all the possiblities too. it's dreary out and were all recuperating from terrible colds, so I just might go see how many I can pull up... ;)


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