Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Eggsellent Creativitea

We had so much fun last year experimenting with natural eggs dyes that we had hoped to do it this year. I had plans to go down to the farmer's market or the local big fancy food store and let the kids each pick some kind of fruit of vegetable to test. Well, since getting out and about was practically impossible last week, on Thursday, I decided to let the kids have at my tea drawer. Not totally. There are some darn good decaffeinated ones in there, so we chose only the ones that were super charged or the ones that nobody liked. The kids each took a look at the color of the brewed teas and made predictions on the final outcomes. All of the eggs were soaked in their tea baths overnight. While we didn't get some of the vibrant colors we got last time, we did get some very interesting textures! On the other hand, the colors are probably closer to some of the actual variations you might find in nature.

So... same game as last year. I will number the eggs here and when you are ready for the results, open up the combox.

Starting with the orange one in the 3 o'clock position and going clockwise, these are the colors we see:
  1. light orange
  2. grayish green speckled
  3. gray
  4. mustard yellow
  5. This one was wrapped in the used bags of #3.
  6. blueish gray mottled
  7. very light brown mottled
The one in the middle was in the same bath as #6 only for a few hours, not overnight.

Here are the possible dyes: Wild Sweet Orange, Passion, China Green Tips, Sugar Plum Spice, Madagascar Vanilla Red, and cranberry (not the tea, the fruit... I had a bag in the freezer)

Let me know how you did! Have a Blessed Easter season!


  1. 1. Madagascar Vanilla Red
    2. cranberry
    3. Sugar Plum Spice
    4. China Green Tips
    5. Sugar Plum Spice wrapped
    6. Passion
    7. Wild Sweet Orange

    The middle one was also in Passion. The cranberry was the most disappointing. Not a hint of red at all! The Madagascar Vanilla Red was the biggest surprise. Not much red, but a very pretty orange!

  2. Those are just gorgeous!

  3. The kids and I got two right, except for Jem, who made a bold leap of (stubborn) faith and said that he was certain the pretty orange egg (#4) was produced by the China Green Tips tea.

    Here are our guesses:

    1. Wild Sweet Orange
    2. Sugar Plum Spice
    3. China Green Tips (all of us except Jem)
    4. Madagascar Vanilla Red (all of us except Jem)
    5. China Green Tips
    6. Passion
    7. Cranberry

    That was every bit as fun as last year!

  4. What a great idea!! I would have never thought to try teabags!

    My guesses were:
    1. Madagascar Vanilla Red
    2. cranberry
    3. China Green
    4. Passion
    5. China Green
    6. Sugar Plum
    7. Wild Sweet Orange

    I guess I just got the first 2 right! And #2 was by default, since I had nowhere else to put Cranberry! Too funny! The Madagascar we have in our cupboard, so I had somewhat of an idea on that one.

    Anyhow, the eggs look WONDERFUL!!!

  5. Thank you for playing our little game. The children were very happy that some people made guesses!


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