Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mid-Lent Review

Karen posted her review a little while ago and I thought it was good idea. Here is what I had planned to do and how it has gone so far.
  • Prayer - The Divine Mercy Chaplet is being said every night and checked off. We listen to the chaplet on CD so it is very easy for everyone to follow along. We've also been going to Mass on Fridays and saying Stations afterwards with our new home school group. They are using a Children's Way of the Cross but with no singing of the Stabat Mater so on that point, I have dropped the ball. But they are really enjoying saying the Stations of the Cross with their new friends and yesterday, at confession, Sunshine and Shortcake walked around the church and named all 14 Stations by themselves.
  • Penance - The phrase "healthy snacks" has led to many interesting conversations like whether or not granola bars count as treats or snacks. Mommy Final consensus said that the smore, chocolate chunk and chocolate peanut butter are treats, but the raisin, apple and honey nut are not. This has been going well except that I feel as though I could be more creative in providing healthy snacks, possibly getting them to try something new. Yeah, I know... aren't us moms always thinking "I could do more"? The toothpicks haven't been coming out of the crown because we keep forgetting. Snack Time has been replaced by Enjoy the Beautiful Weather Time on most days. But our crown of thorns still sits in the middle of the dining table as a reminder of our tiny attempts to participate in Our Lord's sufferings.
  • Almsgiving - The Poor Piggy is getting fatter and fatter, but I had to let go of the notion that the children should desire to earn the money and shouldn't have to be coerced reminded. We had some problems with people choosing the same chores over and over or squabbling over who was going to do which chore. We changed our approach to this a little and it has gone much smoother. I decide what they will do for the day and if it is accomplished to my satisfaction they will each earn their money for the poor from Dad. They have enjoyed reporting to Daddy every night what they did that day. One of the biggest motivators has been a Faith and Family pull out advertisement for Food for the Poor that now peeks out from behind our Poor Piggy.
*I was going to post this a few days ago which accounts for the discrepancy in the calendar. We really aren't that behind! At least...not usually!:^)

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  1. Thank you for summing up your Lenten ideas and plans so well. It is a pleasure peeking inside your home!


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