Monday, March 3, 2008


We have a strange case of UFP's here in North Texas (unidentified falling precipitation).

Even the weather people are confused!

Unknown precipitation? That doesn't sound good! We were sweltering at 90 just one week ago before we had a 40 degree plunge and were under a tornado watch last night!

Are you happy now, Margaret? : )

Love and prayers,


  1. If I was in Texas I wouldnt complain. Margaret and I are freezing here in Minnesota!

  2. Not complaining... just enjoying! Right, Matilda?


  3. ABSOLUTELY!!! I never complain about cold! Wild, crazy, pull your hair out, must keep two seasons of clothes on hand at all times kind of weather. Maybe a little complaining. So stinking hot I could fry an egg on my front door kind of weather...oh yeah! But only after the fourth month of it!

  4. That is too funny! I think I would be excited to have some cold weather too... IF it was that hot here :)

  5. Why is everyone blaming little ol' me? Do you think I have that much pull with God? ;)

    Enjoy the snow. Isn't it just pretty?


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