Monday, April 14, 2008

Creepy Crawlies

Dawn's boys are taking a poll on every one's favorite bugs. Our preferences are fairly obvious contenders ...Welcome to Ladybug Land! Say hello to Shortcake's little larvae, 16 to be exact, that should be turning into pupae any day before finally emerging as the little crawling critter that has captured her heart!

Sunshine has always been partial to the dainty butterfly ever since this picture was taken. She wasn't grumpy about looking like a butterfly. She was grumpy about Mama setting her up on a mall kiosk in order to take this silly picture! Crazy Mama!
Here are the second set of Painted Ladies we are growing. The first ones she got for her fourth birthday. Literally overnight, they have turned into chrysalides. (Blogger doesn't recognize that as the plural of chrysalis, but I don't care. I am a rebel!)
Only one more to go (the late bloomer on the left) before we can transfer them to the growing habitat. They have to stay in the cup until then to prevent the introduction of bacteria, as Sunshine was telling me this morning.

The Professor says his favorite bug is the cricket because of it's sound but we aren't growing any right now. Thank goodness! Ladybugs and butterflies are quiet little guests! Everyone around here has a general dislike for bees, hornets (especially Husband who was attacked while mowing the yard and stung 19 times) and mosquitoes. Basically, anything that flies and stings or bites.

So there you have it Bookworm, Crackerjack and Earlybird. Our favorite bugs!


  1. Matilda, this is awesome! Thank you so much!!

    I love all your tiny bugs-in-waiting. What a wonderful experience for your children! :)

  2. Ladybugs and painted ladies...sounds like a girl band!

    Great job!

  3. Oh my gosh!!! These are so great. We just looked at them and LOVED it! Thanks for posting, Matilda!

  4. Great pictures. We're going to be trying the caterpillar thing soon.


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