Monday, May 26, 2008

A Housewarming Gift

To celebrate Memorial Day and a sweet little girl's birthday, we are going to visit some family in town who also moved into a new house this month. This is the first home that the couple have owned since they have been married so we thought we would bring our traditional housewarming gift of bread, wine and blessed salt (reminiscent of the basket given to George and Mary Bailey):
Bread~ that you may never know hunger
Salt ~ that life may always have flavor
Wine ~ that joy may reign forever!
Blessed salt serves the extra purpose as a sacramental of defending us from evil. The lemon and lime are just for color and the gardenia bush out front was just begging to be shared!

Funny story about this gift... I was picking out the wine and this one's label caught my eye so I grabbed it and never looked at it again until I got home. Then I saw the name... Big House Red. Cute for a housewarming gift... right! Oh wait. They meant "big house" as in The Big House. You know... jail.

Thank goodness they are family!

What housewarming gifts do you like to give (or have received)?


  1. What a lovely and thoughtful housewarming gift. I'm going to make a note to remember this for future need.

  2. I like to give a sapling tree -- if the owner doesn't live in the forest (like we do!). The kids think food is the best gift though!

  3. That is a great idea! One that will last and be treasured for many years to come.


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