Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sounds of Morning

What does morning sound like where you are?

With coffee in hand (instead of a paint roller, finally!),

P.S. I took this video yesterday morning because I was hoping to show you a funny battle we have been enjoying between this squirrel and a mockingbird. The mockingbird was either feeling threatened or seriously offended by something the squirrel did and spent the better part of Sunday afternoon dive bombing the squirrel's backside and hissing at him. He even chased him down the length of the fence pecking at his tail every few feet. I'm not sure what the squirrel did to incur the mockingbird's wrath, but I think he learned his lesson!


  1. I love the sounds of morning!! So glad to hear that you are enjoying peaceful mornings now :)

    That is such a funny story about the squirrel and the mockingbird! I have never seen birds picking on squirrels!!

  2. Hey, is that Timmy Tiptoes? My, how he has grown... B.

  3. I loved this, and did the same thing, recording our early morning here on the high prairies... I love to get up to birds and coffee!


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