Thursday, June 26, 2008

I think I'm allergic to IKEA...

Thank you all for the lovely birthday greetings. I had a beautiful day with Husband and the children right up until I got slammed with a really bad headache and spent the rest of the day in bed. It happened while we were at IKEA. We were so disappointed. The store is too far away for us to pop over there just anytime we like and we were really looking forward to enjoying our first trip there. Husband wasn't feeling so great the longer we stayed either. We thought maybe it was the breakfast we went out for that morning, but when I got home, I spoke with my SIL who said she knew someone who had the same reaction the first time they went. Weird. I can't think about it too much otherwise my anxiety will get the better of me.

We came home and the kids had ice cream while I popped acetaminophen. Whoo-hoo! Do we know how to party or what?


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I just remembered that our birthdays are one day apart!

  2. The very same thing happens to my son at IKEA- his pediatrician says it is probably all of the off-gassing from the foam and plastic ;-)

    Happy birthday!

  3. Weird me too. Only time I went to IKEA (in NJ) I got a massive headache. I thought it was a late night out at a bar the night before-- this was back before I was married, obviously:) My roommate had to drive my car back to MA while I tried to sleep it off. Now I'm wondering, though....

  4. Oh! That is so weird! I have never been, so I wouldn't know... I'm sorry though, that you were feeling yucky for your birthday!!

  5. I think it might be some of the chemicals they spray on their packing boxes to keep bugs from damaging their products...

    I had a friend who bought furniture that she had to return because the smell/toxicity of the furniture/boxes was making her family ill with headaches and nausea!

    We have IKEA furniture in our home and have had no problems but I do notice an "odor" attached to the furniture when it is first put together. It seems to dissipate over time.

    Kind of freaky, huh? :S

    Sorry your trip was cut short! Dh and I have had dates to IKEA--eating at the nice cafe and then doing our shopping. It is not far from where we live!


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