Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Things I've learned recently...

1. Sometimes squirrels just do this. Hang out. In the tree. Totally lifeless. Don't poke them with a long pole or anything. They won't like it.

2. Enunciating the word parenthesis clearly is sometimes the key between a 7 year old who writes "Woof!" and one who writes: CC Woof! Look Mommy, I didn't forget to print the C's!

3. To a newly minted four year old who is sitting in Church waiting to get the donuts Daddy promised him, The Book of Deuteronomy can sound an awful lot like the Book of Iditarod.

4. When the aforementioned four year old sees a bug in church on his birthday and you tell him it is just a birthday gnat come to wish him Happy Birthday so that he doesn't freak out about it and disturb everybody in a 5 foot radius, make sure you also tell his sister before she takes it upon herself to squish it.

5. Four year olds remember everything!


  1. Ahaha! Poor little birthday gnat! (gigglegiggle)

  2. Very cute observations. Sounds like life is good!


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