Friday, July 4, 2008

For Joann's Family

I helped BigBoy with his design, but The Professor knew exactly what he wanted... a real Betsy Ross! He was patient enough to plan it out (very unlike him) and make it happen.
After looking at those ten kids and their dog for inspiration the girls decided to try their own designs. Shortcake is on the left with Sunshine on the right.
(Joann was right about the stars being tricky to remove but I found that putting a finger underneath them inside of the shirt and pushing them up while prying one corner with a utility knife made quick work of removing them.)

We had the best time taping and painting these shirts. I don't feel so guilty about working on finishing our projects instead of celebrating like last year and the drippy noses don't seem to mind the tissues so much wearing patriotic apparel.
These shirts are definitely a new tradition in the making!
The back of The Professor's shirt courtesy of Mom's mostly steady hand.


  1. These are just great!!! I love the words. I was afraid that I wouldn't be steady enough to write words--LOL!

  2. WOW WOW and Super Wow! Those are really star spangling awesome! I don't have any little people who wear T shirts, waah.

  3. Those turned out great, Matilda! I'm going to file this idea away for next year!

  4. You guys are such an inspiration! I feel like a slacker-mom! I'm going to be lucky this year to get together hotdogs and smores! These are really awesome, Matilda and gang!

  5. I am so bookmarking this idea for next year! They are darling!

    Happy, happy 4th, Matilda, to you and your little darlings. :)

  6. Those look great!

    I especially love the one with the "4" on it!

    Good job!

  7. WOW! Those turned out wonderful!! What a fun thing to do with your children, I love it!

    I wasn't feeling so well, so we didn't do much at all at our home, but it was still nice.


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