Monday, July 28, 2008

Holy Cow! It's High Noon!

"What a woman wants is to be treated like a queen
By a man who deserves to be treated like a king."

A kingly breakfast in bed with homemade cards and cinnamon scrolls. Take the Sunshine Scone recipe, add a little more flour, roll up cinnamon and brown sugar inside and ~voila! BTW: Matilda's definition of a scroll~ a cross between a scone and a cinnamon roll.

...HOLY COW CAKE! No, really. That's what it's called and for good reason. If you have ever had a trifle, this cake is like a slice of chocolate toffee trifle. Husband gets to choose whatever dessert he wants for his birthday and he always goes for the ones with the tastiest morsels of yumminess over fancy decoration. Carmel infused chocolate cake with a cream cheese whipped frosting and chopped up Heath bars scattered about and hidden in all the nooks and crannies. This is from the Cake Mix Doctor which is one of those recipe books that everyone should own. Mine was a fabulous gift from my MIL. Whenever I decide to declutter my kitchen, I look through my recipe books for the ones that aren't really pulling their weight; this one always gets patted, winked at, and put right back where it belongs! ; )

And now for the contest...

Some of our favorite answers included Bartholomew, Rocco and Joachim (since he is co-saint with St. Anne on Husband's birthday) but I am afraid that when Husband was 10 years old and being confirmed, St. Andrew was the name that won out. I asked him why St. Andrew and he said it was because that was his Dad's confirmation name and... he was the quiet brother. (Soooo like my shy hubby!) I've been told that his three older sisters did the talking for him his first few years of life!

Since nobody guessed St. Andrew, I decided to put the names of everyone who guessed in a hat and let BigBoy pick one (hey, it's my contest and I can change the rules if I want to). And now, the winner is.....
Drum roll please...
He is such a ham! Congratulations Mary G.! If you will send me your snail mail address I will get this book on it's way. And thanks to everyone for their kind birthday wishes for my man! He is shy, but he definitely appreciated them. Thanks for playing!


  1. Happy Birthday to your husband--sorry I missed the give-away! I noticed you substituted Heath bars for Butterfingers in your Holy Cow cake--yum! (I had to check out that recipe on the website!) Do you make any other additions or substitutions? I just wondered if the caramel and the condensed milk together were not too sweet... :) Thanks!

  2. I did make that substitution because my husband and my kids aren't very fond of Butterfingers. I kept everything else the same, but I did notice that some people on the forum said it was too rich and I can see why. I would say that if I was making it for a party, to accommodate everyone's tastes, I would probably only use half the caramel mixture. If I made it again for Hubby, I'd go full flavor!

    FYI: The addition of the cream cheese to the whipped topping really cut down on the sweetness of the Cool Whip so I didn't think it was too sweet the way it was. A little less caramel sauce would just make it more subtle.

  3. Thanks. a. lot. I just gained 5 pounds reading this post....

  4. Cry me a river sistah. I still have some in my fridge!

  5. Wow... what a feast! Lucky guy! (and the red plate is sweet)


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