Monday, July 7, 2008

What did you do for the Fourth?

Did you have a good one? Did you watch fireworks? Visit with family? Make a really cool dessert that I am soooooo putting on the calendar for next year?

We had a great weekend, got all the trim painted plus a few other projects finished off and spent some quality time watching A Capitol Fourth. My kids were rocking out and dancing to Huey Lewis and the News (who sounded like he was really straining to hit some of those notes, poor guy) and I loved hearing Brian Stokes Mitchell who has a voice so rich and warm it could melt butter. I am not an American Idol fan so I had never heard that Taylor guy before, but he did a good job and seemed like he was having fun. Jimmy Smits was an excellent host and really seemed fired up to be there. We were looking for anyone we might recognize in the crowd, but sadly only kept seeing the green peace shirt guy over and over.

And of course, the fireworks were fantastic!!! That's the way we like them. Quiet, set to music, and far, far away. Hope you had a great holiday weekend whether it was go, go, go or quiet and laid back. Have a good Monday!

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  1. LOL! We were just 2 blocks away...from our house for the fireworks. Good thing, too, because it started to rain. We don't go in for the crowds so we stick close to home.

    We were watching the re-run of A Capital Fourth and my dh was convinced that there were only about 10 real people in the whole crowd


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