Thursday, July 24, 2008

What she said...

I have no spark in July. We endure July.... It's still hot in August, but in August we can see the end. It's actually still hot in September, but it's all mental, friends. We can hope for a cold front.
Here, my friend of the heart (and heat), is the one little sentence that my husband whispered into my ear before he left this morning. You may cling to it, as I am, in the hope of Fall's early arrival...

Cowboys training camp starts today!

If they're playing football, Fall is on it's way.


  1. That is so funny that you wrote that. I was watching TV last night and saw a football commercial and nearly cried - hope!

  2. OHHHH NOOOO y'all. The nightly news is going to be unBEARable from now on. I was actually enjoying the break from all things Cowboy.

    (no, I am not a native... you can ignore me!)


  3. Nutmeg? Who's nutmeg? Jen, do you know a nutmeg? Just teasin', ay!

    We are not die hard Cowboys fans, just football fans who enjoy the game and root for the home team unless they become pathetic or obnoxious.

    Personally, I already find the nightly news unbearable and it has nothing to do with football. : )

  4. I'll cling to any hint that Fall is on it's way! Hurricane Dolly might be bringing us here in Austin a little relief this evening (I won't believe until I see it though!). I'll send her up your way if she stops by! ;)

  5. Oh Matilda, here in the frozen north it is just starting to warm up! Noooooo, not fall! I have to admit though that autumn is really my favorite time of year. The changing colors, crisp morning air, hay rides and apple cider ahhhh...lovely. It's just what comes after that strikes fear into my heart.


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